Young soldiers on islands excited with first-time voting

For Vietnamese citizens, casting votes for National Assembly deputies and members of all-level People’s Councils is a special event, especially for those who exercise their civil rights and obligations for the first time. It is even more special for young soldiers who are performing their duty on the Fatherland’s sacred offshore islands.

Legislative elections in Vietnam are organised every five years, longer than the time in service of almost all young naval soldiers. That is why not all of them have a chance to cast their votes on islands though the military recruitment is conducted every year.

As approved by the National Election Council, Truong Sa archipelago will conduct early voting on islands within Truong Sa township and Sinh Ton and Song Tu communes on May 16, which is just a few days away. All preparations have been completed.

The atmosphere on Truong Sa archipelago has heated up in recent days with discussions about candidates. In such an atmosphere, the upcoming elections are likely to be held successfully./.


Pristine Lieng Nung waterfall in Dak Nong province

Located in Gia Nghia city, Dak Nong province, Lieng Nung waterfall, formed by the flow of Dak Nia stream which runs through N’Jrieng village, shows the wild beauty of the mountains and forests.

Bridges over Han river

Among rivers in Vietnam, Han River in the central coastal city of Da Nang has the largest numbers of bridges over it. Each bridge has its own charm.

Majestic nature of Dak Nong province

Dak Nong Geopark in the Central Highlands province of the same name covers an area of more than 4,700 km2, stretching over six of the eight districts of the province with 65 sites of natural heritage, geomorphology, including craters, volcanic caves and waterfalls.