Danh sách tin

Russian news agency reviews Vietnam’s major achievements in 2020

The Sputnik news agency of Russia recently published an article that reviewed commentaries on Vietnam posted by Russian and other countries’ press outlets, reflecting Vietnam’s COVID-19 combat and achievements in different areas, especially diplomacy and economy.

“Uncle Ho’s soldiers” in Russia

The Vietnamese community in Russia has a close attachment to the homeland. Founded in the 1990s, most were sent to study or work in the country, while a few have now served in its military. Despite living far away, the military men, who are usually called “Uncle Ho’s soldiers”, still look back fondly on the homeland.

Vietnam - Land of bliss

With a thriving economy, stable political system, and a rich culture, Vietnam has been a secure home for not only Vietnamese but also many international friends.

Quang Nam looks to reform tourism sector

The central province of Quang Nam may be a land of heritage, but local tourism development is still to meet the expectations of provincial authorities. Now that a year of COVID-19 and natural disasters has come to an end, Quang Nam is preparing to ensure its tourism sector thrives next year.

Young teacher volunteers for remote area

With an unconditional love for their young charges, many young teachers have volunteered to work in schools in remote and mountainous areas in the hope of providing an education to all. Nguyen Thi Van at the Thuong Nung kindergarten in northern Thai Nguyen province is one such teacher.

A green picture of countryside at Truong Sa archipelago

Truong Sa (Spratlys), a sacred land between the sea and sky, is not only a garrison where soldiers have protected the territorial waters of the country for centuries, it is also the homeland for many people, where many children are born, where love grows with the pride of being Vietnamese people.

Investment needed for agriculture, rural area building

The mountainous district of Quan Hoa in north-central Thanh Hoa province has been following the new-style rural area model over recent years, in line with developing its economy and supporting technology transfer in production. And its efforts have paid off.

Credit growth limits extended

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has extended the credit growth limits for the second time this year to some commercial banks, of which the highest level is up to 30 percent.

Ba Den Mountain to become tourism hotspot

With the opening of a modern cable car by the Sun Group this year, Tay Ninh province was expected to witness a boom in tourism. Due to COVID-19, however, the number of visitors has fallen this year, presenting a major challenge for the development of the province’s tourism industry.

People happy for outcomes of Party Central Committee’s 14th session

The 12th-tenure Party Central Committee reached high consensus on personnel work related to the 13th tenure Politburo and Party Central Committee Secretariat during the 14th session, which concluded on December 18 morning after nearly five working days, two days ahead of schedule.

Food safety - From farm to fork

Sustainable development is a trend and goal in every industry. In food, the “farm-to-fork” clean agriculture model is also becoming an inexorable trend. Clean and organic food with clear origin and processed right after harvesting is increasingly popular nowadays.

2020 trade surplus estimated at 7 billion USD

Export revenue in 2020 is estimated to reach 267 billion USD while imports are to reach 260 billion USD, resulting in a trade surplus of some 7 billion USD. Experts said 2020 has been a tough year for all economic sectors, but foreign trade has been profitable.

Tourism on Ly Son experiences a gloomy 2020

Ly Son Island district in central Quang Ngai province had secured a reputation as something of a “tourism haven” by welcoming thousands of domestic and foreign visitors in recent years. 2020, however, has been a tough year for the island’s tourism sector, given COVID-19 and recent storms and flooding.

Special lessons in the sky

Becoming a teacher and a mentor is not the right fit for everyone, flight instructors included. Only those with passion, discipline, and dedication are encouraged to pursue such a career.