Party General Secretary


Date of birth: July 9, 1912

Date of death: August 28, 1941

Native place: Phu Khe commune, Tu Son district, Bac Ninh province

- Party General Secretary from March 1938 – January 1940

Working history

- Joining revolutionary activities while studying at Buoi School in Hanoi. After being expelled from the school, he returned to his hometown and opened a school. He had close contact with Ngo Gia Tu and set up “Hoi Viet Nam Cach mang Thanh nien” (the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Society) to organise revolutionary activities.

- 1928: Working as a coal miner in Vang Danh mine to train himself and enlighten other workers.

- June 1929: Joining Dong Duong Cong san Dang (Indochinese Communist Party)

- After February 3, 1930: Secretary of the Special Party Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam in Hon Gai - Uong Bi

- December 1931: Arrested by French colonialists

- December 1931 – September 1936: Imprisoned in Hon Gai, Hoa Lo and Con Dao prisons.

- After 1936: Joining activities to recover the Northern Party Committee

- September, 1937: Elected to the Standing Committee of the Party Central Committee at its meeting from September 3 – 5

- March 1938: Appointed as General Secretary of the Dang Cong san Dong Duong (Communist Party of Indochina) at the meeting of the Party Central Committee held in Tan Thoi Nhat, Hoc Mon, Gia Dinh.

- July 1939: Writing the work “Tu chi trich” (self-criticism) to promote criticism within the Party.

- November 1939: Being one of the people who convened and chaired a meeting of the Party Central Committee in Ba Diem (Gia Dinh) to decide on the change of the strategic direction and the establishment of the Mat tran Thong nhat Dan toc Phan De Dong Duong (Indochinese Anti-Imperialist National United Front).

- January 18, 1940: Captured by the enemy in Saigon

- November 23, 1940: Sentenced to death by French colonialists on the charges of drafting a resolution on establishing the Indochinese Anti-Imperialist National United Front and the “Chu truong bao dong” (advocacy of violence), and being spiritually responsible for the Khoi nghia Nam ky (Southern Uprising).

- August 28, 1941: Executed in Ba Diem, Hoc Mon, Gia Dinh along with other comrades.