Party General Secretary


Date of birth: May 1, 1904

Date of death: September 6, 1931

Native place: Tung Anh commune, Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh province

- Party General Secretary from October 1930 to April 1931

Working history

- 1922: Top laureate of junior high school exam

- 1925: Joining Hoi Phuc Viet (later renamed Tan Viet Cach mang Dang) in Vinh

- 1926: Travelling to Guangzhou, China, to discuss the merger of his organisation with Hoi Viet Nam Cach Mang Thanh nien (Vietnam Revolutionary Youth League) 

- 1927: Studying at the Communist International’s Communist University of the Toilers of the East in Moscow under the alias of Livey

- 1928: Attending sixth congress of Communist International

- April 1930: Returning to the country, appointed as a member of the provisional Party Central Committee, and assigned to compile the “Political Thesis”

- October 1930: The first conference of the Party Central Committee held in Hong Kong (China) adopted the “Political Thesis” and elected the official Party Central Committee. Tran Phu was elected as the Party General Secretary

- March 1931: Chairing the second conference of the Party Central Committee in Saigon to discuss the consolidation of the Party after enemy’s raids. The conference issued Resolution on the Party’s current tasks, Resolution on the Party’s organisation, Resolution on popularisation work

- April 18, 1931: Arrested by French colonialists

- September 6, 1931: Passing away at Cho Quan hospital at the age of 27. His last words to his friends are: “Holding firm to your strong fighting”

- January 12, 1999: His remains were moved to rebury in his native village in Duc Tho, Ha Tinh.